Nassif Zeytoun

Nassif Zeytoun

Nassif Zeytoun

Nassif Zeitoun (Arabic: ناصيف زيتون‎) is a Syrian singerBorn on the 25th of September, Nassif Zeytoun, an Arab artist, has been passionate about music since his childhood. In order to perfect his talent, he attended the Higher Institute of Music and Performing Arts, where he majored in Oriental singing. Nassif’s drive and motto is: “Music expresses what words fail to translate, making it one of God’s most beautiful creations”.

The year 2010 was marked by a major event that put him forward in popularity and fame: him winning the title of Star Academy. In 2011, Nassif achieved a distinctive step in his career, participating in the operate “Boukra”, under the supervision of the international producer Quincy Jones, the same producer behind two albums of Michael Jackson “Off the wall” and “Thriller”, as well as the famous producer RedOne, who has worked with many high profile artists such as Jennifer Lopez and Lady Gaga.

Nassif released his first album, “Ya Samt” that was produced by Watary, in March 2013, by saying: ” I am Nassif Zeytoun, the young man who could not express his thought or his feeling but throughout music. “Ya Samt”, underlines my conviction that only music could unite all hearts. As for why I decided to use this title for my first album? It was a way for me, to share the sorrows that the Arab population undergoes in a revolutionary and resilient silence. “Ya Samt” is a gift to you and to me. It is a collection of words I wanted to express, dreams I have, and the accumulation of my ambitions. I have placed in this album, all that I could offer to my public, when I’m still taking my first steps into the world of singing. Through this album, I paid homage to the legendary Zaki Nassif, by singing his song “Ya Aashekat Al Wardi”, interpreted through my own feelings. The other songs are a token from me to you, in the hope that I would relate to you through my songs that are a materialization of my feelings and thoughts”. After the release of his album and first music video, “Larmik Bbalach”, Nassif Zeytoun was granted the Murex D’Or Award for “Best Arab Male Rising Star”. This Artist, who has given genuine art a new definition and oriental expression a new voice, has managed with his first album to top most of the charts in all Arab speaking countries.

His success is written all over his social media accounts, with his Facebook page reaching a million fans in less than a year since its creation as well as his YouTube channel amassing million of views with numbers that could easily compete with the most famous Arab stars. Nassif Zeytoun’s road to Stardom is asserted not only through his great talent but also by the pioneer work, him and his team provide online, from posting lyric videos to monitoring his Facebook page and Twitter account.

This artist is in constant move to reach out to his fans, who are in continuous interaction with him, following every step he takes and encouraging him in every new venture he undertakes. And his popularity is evident through the constant interaction of his fans, not only through his social media but also by attending every music concert and media appearance. Giving thus, their favorite star all the love and support he needs.